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The Best Lover (NYQ Books, 2017)

Laura Boss’ newest collection continues the author’s signature style of audacious, irreverent, ironic narrative poems that somehow often fuse heartbreak, humor and intensity in unflinchingly honest poems that explore relationships – both family relationships and lovers –  including living with the “L’Enfant Terrible,” a Beat poet that Allen Ginsberg called the best poet of the last quarter of the 20th Century. This book examines the grief that follows a long-term relationship, 9/11, internet dating, the randomness of fate and the way choices made or not made affect the course of our lives. Baudelaire said, “the worst sin of poetry is to be boring.” Laura Boss’ poems are never boring.



Flashlight  (Essential Poets Series, Guernica, 2010)

“Laura Boss proves she is an audacious poet. She succeeds in writing risk-taking poems that are full of ironic and wry humor. The poems speak with the self-deprecating, down to earth voice of a sensual woman. This is a poet whose increasingly sure hand guides her to handle her explosive material with the deftness of a high wire artist. I love this book. I love these poems. I know that anyone who starts to read Flashlight will not be able to put it down. What energy, what effervescence, what a tour de force! Anyone who thinks poetry can’t save your life should read this book” – Maria Mazziotti Gillan



Arms: New and Selected Work (Guernica, Essential Poets Series 96, 1999)



Reports from the Front (Cross-Cultural Communications, 1995)

Nominated for an American Book Award



On the Edge of the Hudson (Cross-Cultural Communications, 1986)


stripping     stripping-alta

Stripping (Chantry Press, 1982)


As Editor

toy-editor.PNGTime is a Toy: The Selected Poems of Michael Benedikt
(University of Akron, 2014 – John Gallaher & Laura Boss , Editors)

Michael Benedikt (1935–2007), who has been occasionally grouped with the New York School poets, as well as James Tate and Russell Edson, published five books of poetry in his lifetime, and edited several anthologies, including the influential The Prose Poem (1976) and The Poetry of Surrealism (1974). This collection brings together for the first time work from all five of those long out-of-print volumes—along with work from his five unpublished manuscripts, which were nearly destroyed after his death. A lifelong New Yorker, Benedikt was at various times an associate editor with Art News and Art International, managing editor of Locus Solus, and poetry editor of the Paris Review. Benedikt also taught at institutions including Sarah Lawrence, Bennington, Vassar, and Boston University.